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AsuCaga Rule! [11 Nov 2012|04:11pm]

Enjoy! :D


Athrun x Cagalli Fans!!! [10 Aug 2011|08:50am]

We were a club here: http://asucaga-fanclub.deviantart.com/
Now we're a group here: http://athrun-x-cagalli.deviantart.com/

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Vote for AC on Gundam.info [06 Jul 2011|11:23pm]

Note to all AC fans,
Vote for our fav couple on the official Gundam website here.

Q: Jul 7 is Qixi, to you who are the most representative couple that signify love that got separated but reunited?

Voting bar is at the left side of the page (scroll down a bit).

AthCaga is アスランとカガリ Click on the little circle beside it and click on the button at the bottom.

GO VOTE. You have until Sunday. You get one vote per day. SPREAD THE WORDS.

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Fanfic Art: Her Kind of Love (AsuCaga) [26 Mar 2011|11:47pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

A promotional art of my AsuCaga fanfic entitled HER KIND OF LOVE. I've written this story two years ago and it's one of my personal favorite. My friend liked the story so much that she asked me to draw an art related to it. I've drawn Cagalli-sama before and I am kind of proud with the way she turned out here. I like the t-shirt. This was my first time drawing Athrun. It wasn't so difficult, but I'm glad he didn't came out so girlish. :lmao:

FF Art: Her Kind of Love by ~jczala on deviantART


:bulletpink:Title: Her Kind of Love
:bulletpink:Pairing(s): Athrun & Cagalli, (Mild) Shinn & Stellar
:bulletpink:Rating: T
:bulletpink:Chapters: 13
:bulletpink:Genre: Romance/Adventure
:bulletpink:Summary: When their mother died, Cagalli and her twin brother were taken in by a man who claims to be their uncle. Since they had nowhere else to go, they decided to live with him in his mansion. But there was something dreadfully suspicious about their uncle. He seemed to be so fond of the twins, going so far as to arrange a marriage between Cagalli and a rich business associate. Because of this, Cagalli is determined to escape her fate—even if it means running away from home and dealing with a handsome yet clever agent. Athrun Zala's job is to bring Cagalli home. But as things start to get more complicated, he finds himself falling for her.

Fanfiction LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4608423/1/Her_Kind_of_Love

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Some people are just sad [25 Mar 2011|08:06pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

In the ship shinking section of TV tropes, it seems as though they cannot accept the fact that the first Morosawa interview was fake or that Fukuda created AMCs featuring the couples of GSD with Meyrin no where to be found, or that Meyrin isn't featured with Athrun on any of couple based merchandising. I just find it sad that there are still Athrun x Meyrin fans out there that still trying to argue that the ship was sunk even though the facts are against them.


Fanfic :) [07 Mar 2011|01:43pm]

Hi there ! :D

I bring you an Athrun X Cagalli fic ! ^^

title: Perfect Change
pairing: Athrun Zala & Cagalli Yula Atha
rating: K
genre: Romance
word count: 901
disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Seed
summary: Dearka reminds Athrun that maybe Cagalli is strong and all, but she's still a girl and it is normal for her to feel self-conscious. And it is Athrun's responsibility to make her feel that he belongs to her alone. *poor summary,sorry! T.T* TWO-SHOTS! ;D


Thank you! <3

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asucaga doujinshi for sale [04 Nov 2010|11:09pm]


Hi, I have a few doujinshi and manga for sale here.  Most of them are duplicates of ones I already have.  I’m not trying to make a profit, just selling them for how much I paid for them.  Everything is Gundam Seed (Destiny), and most of them are Athrun x Cagalli doujinshi.  Sorry if the numbering is bit confusing… I kind of messed them up while sorting them.  PLEASE READ EVERYTHING CAREFULLY BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER.

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GSD The Edge: Progress [26 Aug 2010|04:51pm]

Hey everyone.

Just an update for the GSD: The Edge manga.

We've a small team of four assembled to scanlate it, I've ordered the books - and it should arrive, hopefully, by next week. :)

Please note that recruitment for volunteers - translators, especially - is still open. If we've more help, things will get churned out more quickly. To note your interest, please send an email(remove spaces) to: gsd_edge_scanlations @ googlegroups . com

Where A/C doujins are concerned:

The team has a general consensus on this, pretty much - if there's time. Hence. Here's what I'm going to say for those dying to have A/C doujins scanlated, and for those who volunteered to scan last time: Scan them and send it as you please. If you'd like to link it to me instead so that I can personally obtain it - please make sure the website's in english, or leave some instructions on how to get it. Whether I'll obtain it or not though, will remain to be seen. It depends.

If it...well, I don't know about the rest, but if I see a doujin that piques my interest enough, I'll probably jump right into cleaning it while nagging someone to translate. :P

So there you go. Scan and send to the group email as you will, and while the team places no guarantee on getting doujins scanlated quick or even while the project for the manga is underway, it's likely to be a slow, eventual thing.

Thanks for reading. :)

Crossposted to gundamseed

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AxC doujinshi Sale [20 Jun 2010|08:20pm]


◆ Doujinshi Sale ◆

I'm selling mostly Gundam Seed/Destiny doujinshi from my doujin collection.
(23) Gundam SEED/Destiny
(2) Fullmetal Alchemist
(1) Bleach
(1) D.Grayman
(1) Original

More info...Collapse )

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DOUJINSHI FOR SALE [03 Jun 2010|07:18pm]


Hey there everyone,

Here’s a quick rundown: Bolded Items are NEW.

Bleach ::

3. Abduction – Asian Girl :: $15
4. Ginsenka - Honey Canon :: $17
5. Yuki Asobi - Honey Canon :: $20
6. Sora no Aoao – Princho :: $20
8. I Need You – Love Drop :: $20
Re; - Android No.18 :: $40

Sayonara Shinkeikairo :: $25
Strange Globe - Honey Canon :: $20

Shirasuna no Cathedral :: $25

Final Fantasy ::

3. Peach Pit 2 - Yubinbasya :: $17

Mono wa Kowareru Hito wa Shinu Mittsu Kazoete Me wo Tsubure :: $17

Gundam Seed ::

1. Fly Away – Kotohira Nijica :: $17
2. Stairs 01 - Kotohira Nijica :: $25
4. Forbidden Flower 2 - Meteor 18 :: $50
5. Bouquet - Meteor 18 :: $50
6. L - Meteor 18 :: $50
7. Wan Wan Darling - Tiara :: $13
8. Luce – Princho :: $17
9. Intossicare – Princho :: $17
10. Fire Bird - Kotohira Nijica :: $25

Mr. & Mrs. Athha Overtime 02 :: $20 :: SIGNED BY ARTIST

Miscellaneous ::

1. Kantan no Yume – Aru Rei :: $17
2. Revision: Episode 2 – Love & Peace :: $30
3. Since 7 – Bambi Takada :: make an offer
4.Traumerei - Idea :: offers only.
5. GTG – Inugata Summit :: $20
6. Sinful Contact – Idea :: $35

For additional info and pictures, please visit my site. The site is ALWAYS current on availability as well. Please check there.

http://desolatedreams.limned.com/ ::: misc. -> For Sale & Trades

As always questions are welcome.

CONTACT :: yo.jenn@gmail.com


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Birthday! [16 May 2010|11:41pm]

Isn't it Cagalli's (and Kira's) birthday on May 18?

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[fic] untitled [19 Mar 2010|08:36pm]

R-18, to be safe.
bordering slightly on PWPCollapse )
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icons [24 Feb 2010|03:06am]

Total: 38
gundam seed/destiny: 18
gundam oo: 08
macross frontier: 04
misc: 08 {vocaloid, stock}


burns a bit to the touch, dangerous if its too much

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[fic] happiness is a yellow handkerchief [21 Feb 2010|10:41pm]

Fic, possibly mistitled.
Might also require some suspension of disbelief.

happiness is a yellow handkerchief (AxC, post-destiny)Collapse )


Fic: To Make the Storm a Calm [21 Feb 2010|09:43pm]

Writer's block temporarily aside, I've managed to put down a scratchy prologue for a new fic. It's untitled for now, though. I'm also experimenting with the style, so for those who read my fics before, this might create a little frown between your brows.

So! Just click that fake link below and read. Oh, and care to drop me a word or two? ^^

(A thunderous lightning split the sky, but the ache in that moment had never been louder than before.)


Edit: 2010-02-22. It now has a title!


Icons [04 Feb 2010|05:38pm]

So many asucaga images were sitting on my harddrive and I finally decided to do something with them =)

x 17 Gundam Seed/Destiny (12ish Asucaga)
x 25 Code Geass
x 09 Fate/Stay Night
x 15 Sailor Moon
x 17 La Corda D'Oro
x 05 Inuyasha
x 04 Bleach

All at shantmind~


Newtype's Most Favourite Anime Characters 1985-2010 [20 Jan 2010|05:06am]

Newtype's Most Favourite Anime Characters
<Poll Results>

X-posted to


Iconxlatte's [06 Jan 2010|11:28pm]

『51』 Anime/Manga
& Amatsuki
& Baccano!
& Code Geass
& Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
& Fairy Tail
& Full Metal Alchemist
& Gundam Seed
& Gundam Seed Destiny

& Honey and Clover
& Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
& Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
『41』 Video Game
& Ace Attorney / Perfect Prosecutor
& Dissidia : Final Fantasy
& Edel Blume
& Final Fantasy VII
& Final Fantasy XIII
& Final Fantasy Tactics A2
& Hiiro no Kakera
& Kingdom Hearts
& Persona 3
& Persona 4
& Professor Layton
& The World Ends With You
& Will o' Wisp

Here @ iconxlatte


Newly Updated Asucaga Forum [21 Nov 2009|06:22pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone I wanted to tell everyone that I have updated the Asucaga Forum so much we have improvements everywhere that I wanted to tell everyone whos already a member and to promote the Forum to spread the Asucaga Fandom. So if you want stop by and visit or join us we would really appreciate it and it would help spread the Asucaga Love..*smiles*.

Click on this Link or the Image below.




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Happy Birthday Athrun! [29 Oct 2009|05:15pm]

Happy Birthday Athrun!

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