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*waves* Konnichiwa, minna-san~! This is a community for Athrun/Cagalli fans from Gundam SEED/Seed Destiny. You can discuss their characters, their relationship, post fanfics, fanfic recs, and fanart in relation to AsuCaga.



1) You must, of course, like Athrun x Cagalli.

2) No bashing of Athrun or Cagalli will be tolerated. Criticism of their characters is alright, but no senseless defamation of either character, or any other character for that matter. Expressions of annoyance are fine; no overt character hatred, however, is allowed.

3) Feel free to post your icons, banners, fanfics and fanart! But for banners, icon batches, fanart that is too large in size, and fanfics in general, please do use an lj-cut.

4) When posting a fanfic, please include the title, a rating, a genre, and a summary.

5) Spoilers for the most recent eps of Destiny should be put in an lj-cut or otherwise hidden.

6) Refrain from tYPiNg LikE tHis. (Please also refrain from using too much net-speak and going off-topic.)

7) Respect each other, kiddies. Be nice or get kicked out. Simple as that.

Credits: Icons credit to iceblue1389, and wallpaper credit to a wonderful anonymous person (if this person happens to see this, please tell me your online name and I will give credit to where its due. If you don't want the wallpaper distributed at all, please contact me).

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