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Fanfic Art: Her Kind of Love (AsuCaga)

A promotional art of my AsuCaga fanfic entitled HER KIND OF LOVE. I've written this story two years ago and it's one of my personal favorite. My friend liked the story so much that she asked me to draw an art related to it. I've drawn Cagalli-sama before and I am kind of proud with the way she turned out here. I like the t-shirt. This was my first time drawing Athrun. It wasn't so difficult, but I'm glad he didn't came out so girlish. :lmao:

FF Art: Her Kind of Love by ~jczala on deviantART


:bulletpink:Title: Her Kind of Love
:bulletpink:Pairing(s): Athrun & Cagalli, (Mild) Shinn & Stellar
:bulletpink:Rating: T
:bulletpink:Chapters: 13
:bulletpink:Genre: Romance/Adventure
:bulletpink:Summary: When their mother died, Cagalli and her twin brother were taken in by a man who claims to be their uncle. Since they had nowhere else to go, they decided to live with him in his mansion. But there was something dreadfully suspicious about their uncle. He seemed to be so fond of the twins, going so far as to arrange a marriage between Cagalli and a rich business associate. Because of this, Cagalli is determined to escape her fate—even if it means running away from home and dealing with a handsome yet clever agent. Athrun Zala's job is to bring Cagalli home. But as things start to get more complicated, he finds himself falling for her.

Fanfiction LINK: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4608423/1/Her_Kind_of_Love
Tags: fanart, fanfiction
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